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301 April 25, 2018 for Lovely♥Romance Network
it's lovely that fanlistings culture still thriving and you're still keeping them alive. Thanks for taking care of them!
300 September 12, 2017 for
really great!!!! amazing
299 December 2, 2016 for
Greetings from Poland :)
298 November 2, 2016 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Interesting site! I love it!
297 August 12, 2016 for Lovely♥Romance Network
great Site ;)
amazing design - I really like it
296 July 20, 2016 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Nice work...
295 January 14, 2016 for
Hi Annie,

I just dropped by your network. Doing amazing work as always. It was nice to see the skins still on the Naruto fanlisting. I showed it to my husband (he doesn't know I used to do stuff like that) I shut down my network ago! Keep in touch! I miss speaking to you.
294 October 11, 2015 for
Congrats on getting the domain all set up and spiffy! Looks great! (I definitely understand about life and other stuff getting in the way, LOL--but looks like we're both busy bees in webdesign again!)
293 April 15, 2015 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Private post
292 February 24, 2015 for Lovely♥Romance Network
I stumbled upon this site while googling some of my all time favourite couples. I used to breath, eat, bath squall and rinoa fandom when I was 14... I am now 28, married and working a professional life... and the topic squinoa is still one of the best memories I can recall. I built websites for these characters, and the next I know, I started abandoning them 1 by 1... It was as if it never happen. So when I see your shooting star site, lots of good memories floods my heart. Please take good care of it.
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