Yuugiou: Seto & Shizuka fanlisting

Yuugiou: Seto & Shizuka:
Design: Version 8 features my original OTP in a dreamy sky blue theme ♥ It’s my oldest active site (16.5 years!) and I wanted a shiny and fresh redesign of the infamous blimp scene ♥
Content: Rewrote the intro and site pages.
Fanworks: Restored this section (didn’t even realize it was missing ^^;)

Version 4: School Days

Kiniro no Corda fanlisting

Version 5: Harmonia

Kiniro no Corda fanlisting

Kiniro no Corda:
Design: Added two new skins because I couldn’t decide which image I loved more XD School Days features a warm and fluffy design, and Harmonia features a colorful and playful design inspired by music. I was finally able to feature all ten boys on a layout, yay! ♪
– Removed the old Perfect Ensemble skin.