Finished removing all links to Cradle-Robber.net on the remaining 14/37 fanlistings.

Network: Move in the Guestbook, Contact and Exit page.
– Also move in my baby, Strawberry Fantasy: a Yuugiou Shrine

Start the painful task of removing all links to Cradle-Robber.net on all fanlistings. Currently, 23/37 fanlistings have been updated.

KareKano: Arima & Miyazawa:
Content: Recode the entire site.
Content: Pretty new code page.
Coding: Updated the stylesheet.

Morning Musume:
Content: Update the site to reflect Risa’s upcoming graduation.
Discography: Added information on recent releases.

This is the biggest cut I’ve ever done, ouch :X For some, I simply outgrew the subjects over the years; for others, I own related subjects so I want to focus my attention on the ones I’m keeping. Unfortunately, there were no takers and I’ve decided I can live without these fanlistings. Thanks to all the fans who have supported the fanlistings listed below, the oldest at 7 years~ ♥

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Arikawa Masaomi (games)
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4: Katsuragi Oshihito (games)
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4: Katsuragi Oshihito & Ashihara Chihiro (games)
Inuyasha: Music of (music)
Kanjani8 (musicians)
Nana: Trapnest (characters)
Naruto: Nakushita Kotoba (9th ED) (songs)
Shuuji to Akira (musicians)
Yuugiou GX: Manjyome Jun (characters)

Kamenashi Kazuya:
I am still in fangirl heaven about this~ I was chosen to adopt the fanlisting for Kame, one of my dream boys! ♥
Design: The layout is cute and fun, and features a colorful notebook theme. I love how adorable he is here!
Buttons: Made 78 buttons.

Index: Shortened the introduction, to get rid of the scrollbar issue.
Domain: Edited some information, and removed the FAQs section.
Network: Removed the Hostee section, as I no longer have any hostees.

Owned: Renamed categories and recategorized some fanlistings.
Admin: Decided to hold member updates for all fanlistings due to an incident.

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