It’s been a long time coming~ I finally recoded all my sites to use the php snippet for the copyright date. Hallelujah~ I won’t be dreading new years anymore! XD


I created this update log back in May 2009 as a place to record all site-related updates in one place, and it’s about time I debut this site! I finally gave this blog a name and a proper design, so I present Overture~!

Overture Update Log:
Debut: Version 1 is officially opened today, and it features the cast of one of my favorite series, Kiniro no Corda
Name: Finally thought of the perfect name for this log~ X3 I wanted something grand and music-related~ ★
Design: Finished the new design! This is the first time I worked backwards – creating the image layout AFTER finishing the site XD;
Coding: Switched to pretty permalinks, went through my old posts to fix up the tags and content.
Button: Created a link back button for this site :3


All domains and sites:
Content: Manually updated all copyright dates to 2010. fml. At least this gave me a chance to take a look at my sites and fix things up.

Morning Musume:
Content: Updated the site to reflect the new Koharu-less lineup.


Version 6 features Niigaki Risa & Kamei Emi, from Morning Musume ♥ The new theme is blue and summery~ ★
Buttons: Made 7 shiny new link back buttons.
Buttons: Made 1 new link back button.

Contact Page:
Revamp: Revert back to the previous design, since I like it more :3

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