Finally finished tidying up the coding for the last 13/46 fanlistings. Oh boy, I see that I’ve got a lot of work to do~ some sites desperately need new layouts and others need to be updated, content-wise. One step at a time~

Goto Maki:
– Recode the entire site.
– Pretty new code page.

– Recode the entire site.
– Pretty new code page.

Morning Musume:
– Update the site to reflect Sayumi’s recent graduation and the incoming 12th generation members.
– Update the discography.
– Pretty new code page.

Yamashita Tomohisa:
– Update the filmography.

Added a Sibling Sites section for the following sites:
Final Fantasy-related fanlistings
Morning Musume-related fanlistings


I’ve decided not to renew my JE fandom domain,, after 4 years. Therefore, I have moved both Akanishi and Yamashita back to

Akanishi Jin:
I was recently given the opportunity to adopt the Actors portion of the Akanishi fanlisting, and I’ve merged it with my current fanlisting covered under Musicians: Male ♥
Design: Gave the site a new winter wonderland themed layout :3
Index: Rewrote the introduction.
Discography: Updated with his Japan and USA solo releases.
Filmography: Create a new page for his filmography.
Buttons: Added the donated buttons.
Affiliates: Added the new affiliates.
URL: Moved to

Yamashita Tomohisa:
Skins: Changed default skin from theme 3 to theme 1.
Content: Removed references to the old domain.
URL: Moved back to


Yamashita Tomohisa:
Well… I can’t say that I’m too surprised, but I am shocked that it really has happened T.T Thanks for your 8 years with NEWS, Yamapi ♥ Here’s to an exciting new journey in your life ★
Content: Updated the site to reflect Yamapi’s departure from NEWS.

– Continue to add new affiliates at many anime fanlistings.
– Affiliate check at 13 TFL fanlistings.

Morning Musume:
– Switched affiliates over to another script.
– Affiliate check.

Yamashita Tomohisa:
Discography: Added information on the upcoming NEWS single, Sakura Girl ♥♥

Discography: Added information on their recent Kyuu☆Jou☆Show!! and GIFT singles ★

Discography: Updated the song list from 2009.
Information: Added information about their Spring 2010 concert tour ♪

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