Recently plugged my Anime fanlisting over at the TAFL boards, and gained a bunch of new affiliates all around at my collective and fanlistings, the bulk of it to my 6 anime series :D

– Added new affiliates.
– Tweaked the Enth script so that the member’s name links to their website on the members list, in order to get rid of a column. I wanted to use the extra space to display the two favorite fields better :3

Inuyasha Music:
– Switched affiliates over to another script.
– Affiliate check.
– Added new affiliates.

Affiliation check:
– Made a long overdue affiliate check at 27 TAFL fanlistings X_X fml.

It’s been a long time coming~ I finally recoded all my sites to use the php snippet for the copyright date. Hallelujah~ I won’t be dreading new years anymore! XD

2011.01.02 and
Content: Manually update all copyright dates to 2011. fml.

Morning Musume:
Content: Update the site to reflect the recent Eri/JunJun/LinLin graduation, and the addition of the 9th generation members.

Goto Maki:
Content: Update the introduction and profile page.

Content: Update the information page.


All domains and sites:
Content: Manually updated all copyright dates to 2010. fml. At least this gave me a chance to take a look at my sites and fix things up.

Morning Musume:
Content: Updated the site to reflect the new Koharu-less lineup.

All fanlistings: (except Yuugiou-related ones, since I recently checked)
– Affiliate check. At 35+ fanlistings. FML.

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