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312 September 20, 2022 for Lovely♥Romance Network
311 September 7, 2022 for Lovely♥Romance Network
love your yuugiou fanlisting!
310 August 11, 2022 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Wonderful layout <3
309 December 6, 2021 for
Private post
308 November 22, 2021 for
Hi there! It's me Jilly from Perfect Duel. Keep up the great job. Just so you guys know We have a new link. So can you please update it? We are no longer on geocities. Thanks guys!
Jill Marie Young
307 November 8, 2021 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Hello I like your site. Beautiful work
306 November 8, 2021 for Lovely♥Romance Network
amazing design - I really like it
305 October 7, 2021 for
This website is so beautifully designed!
304 April 1, 2021 for
I've been wondering if any of my fanlistings/ mother sites are still alive. And so I visited my long inactive blog to check.

I am absolutely elated to see your works and sites are still around! Its like a dream come true Hope you are doing well and thank you for keeping them up! These are such treasures and a very pleasant blast from the past
303 December 22, 2019 for Fanlisting
I am joining your YGO fanlisting and just wanted to say thank you for keeping it alive!
All of your sites/content is just amazing!
I will be visiting again!
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