November 17, 2020

New site~! Valhalla, my decades-in-the-making layout archive, is finally open ♪ It will take some time to catch up with 17 years worth of layouts, but it was a miracle to even get this project started so please be patient XD; Making pretty layouts has always been one of my favorite things to do, and now my designs can live on forever XD;

October 14, 2020

New layout~! Version 2 Memories of the Future features Lightning from FFXIII-2 ♥ I wanted a timeless design that was dark and elegant~ just like her ♪ I also rewrote and turned the Domain and Network section into one-pagers.

September 20, 2015

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of LIGHTNING.nu ♥ *throws confetti* The domain is finally online, YAY~!

Shortly after I bought this domain in 2012, I moved in my network pages: update log, contact, exit, and guestbook. It took forever to get the rest of the domain up but better late than never XD;

× × ×

Overture Update Log
More updates can be found at Overture