September 20, 2015

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of LIGHTNING.nu ♥ *throws confetti* The domain is finally online~ YAY!

Shortly after I bought this domain in 2012, I moved in my network pages: Overture (my updates log), Contact, Exit, and Guestbook. And then I got lazy I had zero inspiration for this domain T_T So I worked on it little by little, and finally finished it up in the last month.

My joined page for fanlistings is finally working again, but I have to re-add all the links as I am using a new script to manage my links. This is also a good chance for me to join some new fanlistings~ X3

I also cleaned out my links over at my Exit page... Sadly, a lot of my affiliates and link exchanges have disappeared over the years T_T So I am open to new affiliates and link exchanges~ feel free to ask me :3

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Overture Update Log
More updates can be found at Overture