Morning Musume:
Design: Version 5.2 features a minor change to one of the rotating headers: I updated the 2017 lineup because this image was absolutely stunning ♪
Content: Added information about the recent addition of 14th generation member, Morito Chisaki.

Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuuga Hinata:
I recently adopted the fanlisting for Naruto & Hinata, from the anime/manga series Naruto ♥ I initially supported this pairing because it was the only way my other OTP was possible, but they slowly grew on me~ X3
Design: I wanted a design that was romantic yet mature, so I kept things intimate and dreamy ♥
Buttons: Made 42 buttons.

Final Fantasy VIII:
Design: Version 1.2 features a couple of minor changes. First, I changed the font size of the title in the design. Next, I changed the overall color theme from blue to yellow/orange to match the fiery blaze of Squall’s gunblade ♥

Akanishi Jin:
Design: Reverted back to Version 1. I always loved how dark and sexy this layout was, and it looks way better than the layout I made for Version 2. So I went back to the original layout ♪
Title: Changed title back to Butterfly

Morning Musume:
Design: Version 5 Renai Revolution features a rotating header to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cute J-pop group, Morning Musume ♥ I wanted to showcase all the amazing ladies throughout the group’s history, and I chose five iconic lineups to define this group ♪
Content: Updated the discography.

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