Full Metal Panic:
I gave this series fanlisting a major revamp last year, with a new layout and title. But after getting the fanlisting for my OTP recently, I decided that both the title and layout were more fitting for the OTP so I reverted the series back to its old layout and title. Eventually I will give it another design.

FMP: Sousuke & Kaname:
Design: …So the OTP fanlisting is now skinned! With the layout I originally made for the series fanlisting ^^; The layout and title were more appropriate for the OTP anyway. I tinkered with the layout to change a few things.

Full Metal Panic: Sagara Sousuke & Chidori Kaname:
I got my OTP too! I am proud to present my fanlisting for Sousuke & Kaname from the light novel and anime/manga series, Full Metal Panic!
Design: The design is splashy and fun ☆ They may be surrounded by danger and chaos, but together they are able to survive anything~ ♥
Buttons: Made 63 buttons.