Version 2 features Lightning from FFXIII-2. She inspires hope in an unknown future, and I wanted a timeless design that was dark and elegant ♥

Content: Rewrote and turned my Domain and Network section into one-pagers
*throws confetti* It’s been a long time coming~ I am proud to finally present LIGHTNING.NU, my new home ♥ It was purchased in 2012 to replace, and uhh… better late than never! ♪ I wanted a dark theme, so the design is a mix of chaos and fantasy. It features the beautiful savior in her two main garbs from Lightning Returns
I am proud to present my shiny new domain,, named after the fierce goddess from Final Fantasy XIII ♥ I’m hoping to get the domain up by spring, and it will serve as my new main domain, to replace
Favicon: I customized the crystal rose originally made for the fanlisting :3
Buttons: Made 8 new 88×31 link back buttons.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been slowly moving in the network pages with Final Fantasy-themed revamps ♪

Contact: Features my game OTP, the beautiful Squall & Rinoa from FFVIII, in a soft and romantic theme ♥

Guestbook: Features my current love, the handsome and mature Hope from FFXIII-2, in a dreamy theme ♥

404 Page: And in case you ever get lost, the dangerously sexy Noctis from FFXIII Versus will lead you on to the right path ♥

Overture: Decided to keep the current Corda design.

Linkage: Decided to keep the current Air design.
Network: Move out the network pages and convert back to being a dedicated anime collective ♥
Buttons: Made 8 new 88×31 link back buttons.
Favicon: It is now a cute pink heart to match the domain name :3

Lovely Romance Network:
The new Contact page at has a romantic new design, featuring the beautiful Squall & Rinoa from FFVIII ♥