Full Metal Panic:
Buttons: Made 12 shiny new buttons.

Merupuri: Aram/Airi:
Buttons: Made 11 shiny new buttons.

Naruto: Sasuke/Sakura:
Buttons: Made 27 shiny new buttons.

Yuugiou: Atemu/Anzu:
Buttons: Made 22 shiny new buttons.

Full Metal Panic! fanlisting

Full Metal Panic!:
Design: Version 3 features Sousuke and his friends in a cool and mysterious design ★ I was inspired by the serious tone of the new season of the anime and love how they look so fierce and determined ♥
Title: Renamed it to Whispered

Full Metal Panic:
I gave this series fanlisting a major revamp last year, with a new layout and title. But after getting the fanlisting for my OTP recently, I decided that both the title and layout were more fitting for the OTP so I reverted the series back to its old layout and title. Eventually I will give it another design.

FMP: Sousuke & Kaname:
Design: …So the OTP fanlisting is now skinned! With the layout I originally made for the series fanlisting ^^; The layout and title were more appropriate for the OTP anyway. I tinkered with the layout to change a few things.

Full Metal Panic! fanlisting

Full Metal Panic!:
Revamp: Version 2 Always, Stand By Me features Sousuke and Kaname in a very chaotic but romantic scene ♥ I wanted to capture that sweet moment when time stops as our heroes reunite in the midst of chaos. Against all odds, anything is possible when these two are together ♪

I finally made 75×50 buttons for my older anime/manga fanlistings so that I could make a pretty network page at Ichigo.nu

Crayon Shinchan:
– 50×50 (9), 75×50 (5), 100×50 (2)

– 75×50 (4)

Full Metal Panic!:
– 75×50 (15)

– 75×50 (10)

KareKano: Arima & Miyazawa:
– 75×50 (3)

Yuugiou: Atemu & Anzu:
– 75×50 (7)

Yuugiou: Seto & Shizuka:
– 50×50 (3), 75×50 (3), 100×50 (3)

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