Now that Ichigo.nu is officially the main domain of my network, I rewrote most of the content on the domain.
Index: New introduction paragraph (taken from my former domain XD).
Domain: Completely rewrote the History section.
Domain: Made a few edits in the Domain Name section.
Network: Reorganized the entire section~
    . Got rid of the Online section.
    . Will be launching a bigger and better Fansite section in the near future :3
    . Network: Created this new page, which shows an overview of my network.
    . Closed: Moved in the Hiatus section and added my two former domains.

Index: Shortened the introduction, to get rid of the scrollbar issue.
Domain: Edited some information, and removed the FAQs section.
Network: Removed the Hostee section, as I no longer have any hostees.

Owned: Renamed categories and recategorized some fanlistings.
Admin: Decided to hold member updates for all fanlistings due to an incident.


Yamashita Tomohisa:
Well… I can’t say that I’m too surprised, but I am shocked that it really has happened T.T Thanks for your 8 years with NEWS, Yamapi ♥ Here’s to an exciting new journey in your life ★
Content: Updated the site to reflect Yamapi’s departure from NEWS.

Kaito & Lucia:
Going back to my roots and am currently shrinifying this site. It’s been years since I touched the content, but I’ve always wanted to come back and finish the shrine I started six years ago.
– Rewrote the entire information section: MMPPP, Nanami Lucia, Domoto Kaito, The Beginning, and Boy Meets Girl… Again.
– I also removed a lot of unnecessary spoilers in the introduction section.


Kaito & Lucia:
Content: Rewrote the introduction.
Content: Pretty new code page.
Design: Revamp the stylesheet.
Buttons: Made 33 shiny new buttons.
Affiliates: Affiliate check.

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