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38 September 10, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I would like to see Yugi and Tea.

I also have one question, does the couples have to be straight? Can it be yaoi and yuri?
37 September 5, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
So head's spinning...~_^
36 September 2, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Awwwwwwwwesome...dude. Yeah, your site rocks. If only I was gifted with the power of coding html pages... But I'm getting there. Your pictures of Seto are very sexy and very well-chosen (let me quote you and say *drool* ). I also appreciated your summaries of the story arcs to come in Yu-Gi-Oh!----yours are the most complete and comprehensive that I've read. Wonderful site, and I'll be visiting again for more updates! Yaaaay updates!!!
35 September 1, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey there! What a great site! I can't beleive it!
Hey Samantha why are you mad? It's just a poll
I may not like SetoxShizuka either , but I'm sure happy to know she takes it easy on ya! Annie! This site is grea! i'M COMING BACK EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
34 September 1, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
This site is cool! I can't wait till you finish some more links and put them up!!
33 August 31, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
The poll is a big mistake
there were people I know who tried to vote for SetoxShizuka and that's okay
but they told their friends who DON'T Like it
to vote for it if they didn't want to
I heard some people were threatining people to vote
I don't care if it wins for the couples
but I'm never coming here again
And by the way
some people were trying to ask you why SetoxIsis isn't up there?
guess that SetoxSerenity dosen't need to be in my list
and niether does this website!
32 August 28, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
your site ish very kawaii ^^;;
31 August 28, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I just love how u put the couples together it makes it look
like they have a great relationship or romantic.
30 August 26, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your site totally roks! I love the layout and I think that it's soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!
29 August 26, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your site is the ultimate! I won a bet against my cousin on who would be in the finals matched Yugi and Seto or Marik and Yugi and I won! Yugi and MArik! Wahoo! there is one small problem though.......Mai shouldn't be with Bakura! wahhhhh Bakura should be with Me! I hope that the Bakura shrine is up soon! Keep up the great work!
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