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68 January 28, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Forget the flamer. They have a problem with a good site. It's like art. Some find a dot 'Fantastic' others find it just a dot on a VERY big canvas. *sighs* Here's a bat. Lets go flame hunting.
67 January 28, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Ohh Annie just ignore these silly flames. You know your site rocks and we know how much of you heart, soul and effort you put into this site and trust me it shows, it shows a heck of a lot. This site is so pretty and not only that open to all kinds of couples and well it is just lovely.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that ::hugs:: I love this site and I can assure you so do many people.
66 January 12, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Awesome site you've got here. Like your layout. Rock on.
65 January 1, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
thanks for the's a good idea...didn't think of it ^^ I've only seen the anime, and i've seen the manga...but i don't know Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, so i was never able to actually read the manga...but i did flip through it ((a friend of mine has it)). Do you mind if i ask you to write a summary of the manga? I hope i'm not bugging you...if i am, just let me know ^^ Thanks so much! You can email me the summary if you'd would be easier that way XD
64 December 11, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
great site, I love the content. We could be affies if you want, just tag the tagboard, sign the guestbook or e-mail me saying so. Keep up the good work. Latz!!!
63 November 21, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Great layout, and I'm glad the content is working for you now. I love your "page isn't ready" image...ooh, Kaiba looks so HOT in that pic... *drool*. Oh, and thanks for emailing me back; that was very kind of you. Hope your site keeps on keepin' on! Yayness!
62 November 16, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I love your couples section Just one thing: it needs more yaoi couples like KaibaxYami! Pretty please?!
61 November 15, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your site is Excelent!!!!!
60 November 14, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Aaannnnieeeeeeeee! I wanted to sign your guestbook. Mmmm... black... *snuggles it* I love the sparkly effect on the roll overs, I've never seen anything quite like it... ever... I love the pairings too, the only real couples that annoy me are Bakura/Ryou and Bakura/Malik. *Chews them all* They're so over used! Boo!
Anyway, your site is gorgeous hun, keep it up. You need to push Shadi in there somewhere though, hehehehehehehehehehe!
*push push*
59 November 13, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hi ^^
you're welcome, and thanks for signing my questbook^^
Keep going with the awesome work on you site
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