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23 August 15, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
this site is absolutely awesome! the layout is so kawaii and i love everything ! i voted for setoxshizuka in your couples poll and i'll definitely be back to see who wins!
22 August 12, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hiya Annie. My affliates pages got deleted, will you send me your URL and your banner again. X__X This is so embarassing. Thanks for being a great affie! ^^
21 August 9, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your website is REALLY cool! I am going to link you!
20 August 8, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Never mind being under construction, this site is excellent! I adore the couples banners you've made, they've been beautifully done.

Also, if you don't know, concerning Ryou's profile, he has a desceased sister and a father, but he lives alone. ^_^
19 August 7, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hmmmm I would have to say this is an awsome site and i NEED to show it to all of my friends! wait I maen friend all my other friends don;t like yugioh...
Queen of games
18 August 3, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Awesome site!
17 July 31, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hiya! I like your couples section. I like Yami/Isis too! I like them so much I have a clique to them. Anyway, keep up the good work!
16 July 29, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hi! I love this site ! its sooo cool!! keep up the great work!
15 July 28, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Great site! Simply love it ;D Please visit mine..I just put up a new layout, so enjoy ;D
Katie Fluty
14 July 27, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Ooh...kawaii site! ^.^ I like the content...and the layout. ^___^ Mwaha...I know I'll be back...(is that a good thing? XD)
Eternal Flame
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