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52 October 30, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
One.. the site looks sweet man. Really nice, love the fading pages and the star effects on the links. Love it all!
Seto: T___T Save me
Setine: o_O Seto, you've been cheating on me!!
Seto: >< I would if I was real!!
Setine: T__T I'm hurt. OOooOO My site re-opened, I wanna know what you think!!! ^-^
Setine: This site derserves all the hits it gets, its really beautiful and WOW. Really amazed me that this site could get any better. I love the pictures you use and the couples as well *throws gifty* It's a Bishieball. Only I give them out. If you recieve another one tell me. Anyway throw it at a bishie (Can't be Seto-kun sorry, he's mine! *shows little ball that says Seto*) and it catches them. Same idea as Pokemon... only not lame. Muah! Enough Ranting I am running out of room. KEEP UP THE WORK CHICA!
51 October 11, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
This Site is really cool, I like it! ^_^

I also like the couple SetoxShizuka! All the haters of that couple now kill me! XD XD XD
50 October 8, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
My friend suggested your site to me...and here I am. Yay! I really <3 your site.
But...Plz...PLZ....add a yaoi section to your couples page!
I would <3 you forever!!
Anyway, this is a really great Yuugioh site, btw.
(Please consider the yaoi thing though...)
49 October 8, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Awesome site. Great info. I love Yami. Do you know anymore about Yami's life as a Pharaoh? I read some where that when yami gets his memories back he turns evil or something. Is that true? I found it at Pojo's site . Just scroll down and read the Yami Bio by JWildfire.
48 October 7, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Nice site...but where's the Jounouchi//Seto love? lol.
I really like your site, though.
Lots of stuff...
Would you consider putting Jou and Seto in your couples section?
Malik and Bakura are nice too...bwahaha....
47 October 5, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I luved it! Really cool
46 October 5, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Love you site, grrrreat work!
Greetings from Germany, Jessica
45 October 4, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Really cool. Just became my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh site.
44 September 23, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey there! I'm Viki^^ I really like your web site! great job^^
Please come to mine sometimes too~ you can apply a free icon guestbook there~~ Thx^^
43 September 19, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I love this site this site had inspired me too..
I really enjoyed looking at this site may I add you to my
list of sites ^_^
Kawaii Anzu mazaki
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