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62 November 16, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I love your couples section Just one thing: it needs more yaoi couples like KaibaxYami! Pretty please?!
61 November 15, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your site is Excelent!!!!!
60 November 14, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Aaannnnieeeeeeeee! I wanted to sign your guestbook. Mmmm... black... *snuggles it* I love the sparkly effect on the roll overs, I've never seen anything quite like it... ever... I love the pairings too, the only real couples that annoy me are Bakura/Ryou and Bakura/Malik. *Chews them all* They're so over used! Boo!
Anyway, your site is gorgeous hun, keep it up. You need to push Shadi in there somewhere though, hehehehehehehehehehe!
*push push*
59 November 13, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hi ^^
you're welcome, and thanks for signing my questbook^^
Keep going with the awesome work on you site
58 November 11, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey, I need your e-mail address, and I can't seem to find it on your site. If you wouldn't mind, please e-mail it to me, thanks!
57 November 11, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Holy yah! Yer new layout rocks uuuh... *whips out book o' phrases* - socks!!!!! Hope yer finish with everything! Can't wait ter see it! Na na na na na na na na BAAAAAAAAAATMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!
56 November 10, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your site looks great^^
keep up the great work.
I'll visit it again. ^^

55 November 1, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I can't see the content. Wahhhhhhhhhhh! I waited forever for the new layout. Wahhhhhhhhhhh! Please fix it! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! I sorry if I'm whining to much! I like the new layout but I can't see the content. Please fix. How much do you know about the Egyptian Arc ,the Battleship Arc, and the Alcatraz Tower Arc? Email me please!
54 November 1, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
Wow, I love your new layout but...I can't see the I the only one not able to view your content? Hmm...your ad shows but your content is not there...I can't view your words/images. Your nav. frame works but not the main frame. Hmmm...I think I'm the only one with that problem. But keep up the great work! Love your site! ^^
53 October 31, 2003 for Strawberry Fantasy
I didn't actually look at most of this site, because I couldn't be bothered to get rid of the ads all the time... can I suggest using the HTML tag < nobanner > as this will turn those evil banners into pop-ups, making navigation easier... thankyou for your time...

Note: Doncha just wanna throttle Bakura's dubbed voice actor? >_< ...Just a thought.
Fortuity Faerie
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