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82 February 28, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Weeee!! I love your new layout! It's sooooo cool! lol. Keep up the great work Annie!
81 February 26, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
*sings* You fixed it, you fixed it, you fixed it... The main page looks great, Annie. How long did it take you to do? Me, I would have been at a loss LOL... Anyways, good job, as always, and I'll be back!
80 February 22, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Ohh I love this layout so much. It's very pretty.

Also about that comment that person left. I think if the criticism was helpful like saying where the site went wrong, then fair enough but when you get stupid little, this sites sucks comments it is annoying! Not to mention it kinda hurts seeing that it takes forever to build a site, not to mention doing the content and layouts.

Anyway, Annie your layout rocks though since i have 1024x768 the main bit cuts into the navigation but still it looks great ::hugs::
79 February 21, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
GREAT NEW LAYOUT!!!! And thanks a billion for letting me use your old one! Your a GREAT friend!!! Your site rocks and don't listen to flamers and other sorts of dumb beings! No offence^^
78 February 19, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Dude. The layout is awwwwwesome. Tell me how you work that magic! It's very good. One thing---sometimes it shows up a little funky in my browser window b/c my screen resolution is big (1024 x ...something...ack), but I just size the screen down a bit and it works. It's all good! Take care of yourself!
77 February 18, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
That new layout rocks!!! ^.^
76 February 17, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Lurves the new layout. ^_^ I wanted to tell you that i got a domain and I want to host your blogness..
75 February 7, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey, Annie! I'm glad your back! *Wacks evry flamer in the world* Well, you know how I told you that we have to call this guy who knows a lot about websites? Well, he said that it IS safe to build a site![big grin] so the Serenity and Joey fanlisting is gonna be up hopefully by March! *and if anyone has a problem with this, wack you in the head* Not to be mean or nothing^^
74 February 4, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Maybe I can post now. *hands Mallets with chibis on them* BTW Annie, I saw a site with tons of Seto/Shizuka doujinshi. ^_^
73 February 4, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
ohhh I think the little girl or whatever should think before posting... annoying thing. -_- Man you go Annie, this site rocks :: bows down to the greatness of Annie:: these smilies are so cool tee hee... cough sorry anyway ^_^ --- see no smiley there
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