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102 July 12, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey! I love your layout! Cause i`m a big fan of yami and Anzu! And i love your site too^^ I like couple site. Keep up the excellent work
101 July 11, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
I remember I visited this site and signed its guestbook a while back... er, anyways, really pretty layout and site, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STRAWBEREE FANTASY! ^^
Ming Yi
100 June 16, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
i love your website, can you vist mine and tell me whatcha think!
99 June 15, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
I simply love the website! The last layout was OK, but the new one is brilliant! I love YamixAnzu, right after JoeyxMai
Luthien Anwamane
98 June 9, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
I can't wait for the next version to show up! Oh and in your questions, you never asked what character we hate. Don't kill me Téa lovers ok!*hides behind Xion*I hate her! But it's only my opinion okay? I hate Yami too sooo. Anwyays, keep up your site! it's awesome!(Inner me:CRÈVE TÉA!)<--I'm french...
Dark Necrofear
97 June 9, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Thought I'd better sign your guest book! I love your site and this guest book is actually pretty awesome in itself!
Thx again for posting my fic 'My Immortal'. How you're okay Annie. Love to hear from ya!
96 June 4, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
it is a nice layout..
95 May 31, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Curse you and your kick butt layout.

That's all I have to say.
94 May 30, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Very cool new layout, YamixAnzu one!
93 May 20, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
>33333 I closed Bishies That Kick b***, and I forgot your new e-mail addresss because I need help with my Seto Kaiba fixation. T_T Yeah.
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