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112 August 3, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Thanks for putting up the Mokuba+Serenity (Shizuka) pairing! It's nice to know my suggestion was at least taken into consideration. I also like the new Seto+Mai thing. Yeah, it's all about the Bejamins with those two.
111 August 2, 2004 for Silentshipping
lol i enjoy reading your section of this fabulous shipper :P ;P all the commentary you made were very funny and it give to this shrine a more attractive way :P continue, i still come from time to time to see what you've got new for us on them, and the others part as well... youve got one, if not the one, most complete site about silentshipper and all your section are great too :D
110 August 2, 2004 for Lovely♥Romance Network
This is for all your sites...because they ALL rule. I visited your SxS shrine, and even though I have not been so kind about the couple sometimes, I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making the site great. I hope the rants are coming along well, and I look forward to reading them. And O.M.G....your third layout for your site collective rules. Wonderful job. ^_^
109 August 2, 2004 for Silentshipping
Yes! A Seto and Shizuka site! They are so kawaii! Keep up the great work!
108 August 2, 2004 for Silentshipping
OMG the Seto/ Serenity shrine is soo cute!!! Yay to the couple which are never going to happen *cough* Anyway, very cute layout and very sweet name!
107 July 21, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
I like this site a lot, especially the couples page. However, I don't feel that Seto and Shizuka are 'Beauty & the Beast,' I feel that Anzu is more of a beauty and a better girlfriend candidate for Seto than Shizuka. I think Shizuka is an annoying, whiny weakling who can't do anything without her brother, but that's just my (and my sister's) opinion. Also, ever thought of Mokuba and Shizuka? Sure, she may be a little old for him but you seem to support teenagers dating five-thousand year old ghosts, so why not? They both have older brothers who are dueslists and totally love their brothers. They get their strength from their brothers, so maybe they will soon turn to each other for strength. One more thing: Yami+Mai, I think there are a couple of hints that Yami kind-of likes her. In Duelist Kingdom, she was just about the only duelist he had a pleasant conversation with DURING a duel. And in the virtual world, he was devastated when she was digitized-- maybe because they'd already lost Joey, but still. OK, overall, I love this site. Please consider my suggestions. Thanks.
106 July 19, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your site's got some excellent content, and some great ideas. Might I suggest the Seto/Mai couple? It said you were open to suggestions...and I'm suggesting. ~_^

Also, the line about Yami & Anzu "Oh screw it-they belong together" made me laugh pretty hard. I agree.
105 July 19, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Really nice site. By the way, happy belated birthday.
104 July 13, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Lovely site
Holiday Golightly
103 July 12, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
*singing* Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday, Strawberree Fantasy, Happy Birthday to you! Whoo-hoo!

Great work, seriously. I'm a big fan. ^_^
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