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142 December 2, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Luv ur site!!!! I'm in luv with Seto!!!!! He's HOT and DAMM SEXY!!!!
141 November 30, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
your site is awesome!!i love the yu-gi-oh couples that u have
140 October 30, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Thanks for putting up those couples! The banners are pretty, too. I like the new Seto+Anzu banner. Yugi+Anzu is nice and colorful, Honda+Serenity is bright and more colorful, and the new Anzu+Honda one is cool, too. Thanks for putting Leon+Rebecca on the Upcoming list. Your site rules!
139 October 27, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
I noticed you don't know what "soror" means -- I thought I should let you know it's Latin for "sister."

Anyway, lovely site!
Hush Puppie
138 October 24, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
...*stunned silence* ...Whoaaaaa, man, nice layout. *drools, looking at Seto picture you used* This truly looks inspired , so no worries about the new layout taking a while to think up. LOL, I know what you mean about redoing graphics---I'll have to go back someday and redo some more graphics for my site, because I've gotten more skills since I did them. Oh well, it can wait. Good work, and keep on trucking!
137 October 23, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Le hentai wh0r would like to commend you on your SF layout. She must now steal it and do dirty things to it. ;__; Setine also cries that she can never be that good.
136 October 23, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
great site,love all the info. keep it up!
135 October 23, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Do you even KNOW how awesome this new layout is? I mean...focused on Kaiba? He's the best character out there! I mean, duh, but still. YAY you're going to post our couples suggestions! You're cool and I don't even know you.
134 October 19, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey Annie! Sorry for not dropping by for a while. I have been checking regularly, but I never signed the geustbook. x_x

Just hang in there! Don't let those people get to you. This is YOUR site so write whatever you want. If they don't like it, the worst they can do is leave. ^_~ I love your site and I would be so disappointed if you closed it down.
133 October 19, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Nooooo don't shut down your sitey! It's too good to waste all that work. Besides, people should know that all pairing write-ups are going to have some bias and opinion in them---it's inescapable. *sigh* The ignorance of some visitors never ceases to amaze me. Arg. Well, anyway, keep up the good work, and if you'd like me to help you think up ideas for your next layout, just drop me an email!
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