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182 September 20, 2005 for Fanlisting
Nice Site! I love the song Nakushita Kotoba too! It's soooo nice!
181 September 20, 2005 for Silentshipping
wtf: Your... site... is... AMAZING! I love it! I would've never guessd how perfect they where for each other...
180 September 13, 2005 for
W00t! This layout is t3h_awesomeness. It's light and bright and pretty, and best of all, it works! LOL I hope everything's going well with the domain, and I look forward to your upcoming layout archive site!
179 September 6, 2005 for
Aw man Annie, this layout is AMAZING!!!! You've always made such lovely layouts but I really love this one! .... *runs off with your layout*
178 September 5, 2005 for
You're making me jealous. Good thing I closed down because I could never compete with this lovely layout.
177 September 2, 2005 for
great job~! I love the new layout Annie ;D
176 August 26, 2005 for
Aieee it's finally up! (even though it's been up for ages and I've been to lazy to spam you) I love the layout Annie, SasuSaku is just *___* (Can we fav fav couple here) .... *runs off with your layout*
175 August 21, 2005 for
Yay Annie!! This is absolutely beautiful Very happy I wanted to sign the gbook before, but I guess I didnt >.> or something hehe Smile but its just beautiful and great!! I love it Keep up the awesome work!!
174 August 21, 2005 for
aHHH!! Not Naruto. Whatever. I was actually expecting Ichigo in his tight ass pants glory, but Sasuke's angst got to me first. I like it.
173 August 21, 2005 for
Awesome job on your new domain, Annie! Very happy ^_^ I hope it will serve you well--it promises to be just as awesome as your other sites. *thumbs up*
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