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221 July 6, 2006 for Fanlisting
Love all your layouts for your fanlistings and everything else. It's so nicely designed. ^-^
220 July 6, 2006 for Fanlisting
jesus lord in heaven, looking down on me sent an angel..... his name is vincent valentine.... THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! (by the by, e-mail me if you would like a copy of some vincent valentine artwork by your truly.)
kelly valentine
219 July 3, 2006 for Fanlisting
You are the greatest! do you know more about Majyome Thunder? I would be happy if you write a e-mail to me! yours Vivi
Vivian K.
218 June 29, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Very beautiful layouts! Inspiring.
217 June 24, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
I Love your Akatsuki Fanlisting! The perfect site, Although there are two new members that have been revealed! (Chapter 312) Kakuzu (<333) And Hidan!
216 June 20, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
wow this page is the most greatest page ever!!! Thank you so much for making this page!!!
Mala Vue
215 June 15, 2006 for Fanlisting
Just wanted to say thank you to all the FFVII fans. You guys rock. Hope I did justice to the great Vincent. Peace, Steve
Steve Blum
214 May 25, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Thanks for e-mailing me back.
213 May 17, 2006 for Fanlisting
Vincent is the BEST I totally him! Hes gorgeous, cool, dark, mysterious... Oooh! And Chaos RULES!!! I him!!!!!!!!!! Hehe I do
212 May 10, 2006 for
Ahh, this is very, very nice. You probably weren't aware of this, but sometime in 2000-2001, this domain did indeed exist, for a few years. (You can check for how it used to look like). I was the one who originally bought it back then. Went by a lot of names.. Doremi, Mariru.. my goodness. Passed it on to Kento, who I suppose has let it go.. until you came along and bought it! :D I'm very pleased to see such beauty and talent gracing my once beloved domain. Hold tight to this domain! Excellent work. ^^
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