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202 February 3, 2006 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey, man! I jus' wanna say thanx fer keepin' tha site up! Jus' visitin' tha site again, an'I hope ya keep it up to tha vury endudda series! Good work, dudes! Jus' wanna wish Strawberee Fantasy a Happy Valentine's Day '06 Gotta go, mugata! Take care, an' keep runnin' it. If not... I will go ta yer house, and REBEL!... Okay, dat's all. LATER, DUDES!
201 February 2, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Oh. My. God. You. Are. A. Domain. wh0r.
200 January 17, 2006 for
Eh-heh, kinda late to congratulate you on your new domain, but...congrats anyway I'm happy for you! :D mwahaha the power of the ".org" has finally manifested...*rubs hands together craftily* :-D Anyways, I hope the grand exodus of FLs from C-R.Net goes smoothly!
199 January 4, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
You have really lovely domains, and your layouts are great too. ^__^ I especially adore your Shin Chan FL. You have so much extra info there. But it's kinda inspiring for me to work on my sites. So, ermm.. thanks?!? Oh, and I was wondering if you'd like to link exchange with my domain/site collective maybe.
198 December 26, 2005 for
haha thats the cuties picture of naruto ive seen... i love your domain(s).
197 December 21, 2005 for Lovely♥Romance Network
hey annie! wow i just noticed you changes your layout...itsa really nice...i'm actually at school right now... cuz the teacher is giving us free time...wh-hoo :hug: keep up da great work!!
196 December 16, 2005 for Fanlisting
I love your fanlistings! Good work! and keep it up! I love all your sites! :hug:
195 December 12, 2005 for
OMG,'s new layout with Maki Goto is ADORABLE! Great job!
194 December 9, 2005 for
i adore your domain, very pretty design and awesome name!
193 November 10, 2005 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Hello, Annie san! I love both of your domains. The layout for Ichigo is really, really cute (SasuSaku ;)!) I also am really going to miss Strawberry Fantasy, but I look forward to your other sites as well. Best of luck, and keep up the good work ~
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