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201 February 2, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Oh. My. God. You. Are. A. Domain. wh0r.
200 January 17, 2006 for
Eh-heh, kinda late to congratulate you on your new domain, but...congrats anyway I'm happy for you! :D mwahaha the power of the ".org" has finally manifested...*rubs hands together craftily* :-D Anyways, I hope the grand exodus of FLs from C-R.Net goes smoothly!
199 January 4, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
You have really lovely domains, and your layouts are great too. ^__^ I especially adore your Shin Chan FL. You have so much extra info there. But it's kinda inspiring for me to work on my sites. So, ermm.. thanks?!? Oh, and I was wondering if you'd like to link exchange with my domain/site collective maybe.
198 December 26, 2005 for
haha thats the cuties picture of naruto ive seen... i love your domain(s).
197 December 21, 2005 for Lovely♥Romance Network
hey annie! wow i just noticed you changes your layout...itsa really nice...i'm actually at school right now... cuz the teacher is giving us free time...wh-hoo :hug: keep up da great work!!
196 December 16, 2005 for Fanlisting
I love your fanlistings! Good work! and keep it up! I love all your sites! :hug:
195 December 12, 2005 for
OMG,'s new layout with Maki Goto is ADORABLE! Great job!
194 December 9, 2005 for
i adore your domain, very pretty design and awesome name!
193 November 10, 2005 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Hello, Annie san! I love both of your domains. The layout for Ichigo is really, really cute (SasuSaku ;)!) I also am really going to miss Strawberry Fantasy, but I look forward to your other sites as well. Best of luck, and keep up the good work ~
192 November 9, 2005 for
Your ichigo domain is superbly cute :D. And sexy ;D.
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