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161 March 7, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your website rules,totally! It's the best one besides The layout is excellent, .. Seto .. *Drool,drool* XD. Rock on!
160 March 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Nice site, nice layout.
159 March 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
OHHHHHHHH! This website is soooooooo cute! I can tell that u support Yami and Tea a lot! Just like ME! Anywayz, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You should put a little gallery consisting of YAMI/TEA PICS!!!!! THEY ROCK!
158 February 28, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
hiya Annie! I love your Yugioh fansite! It's really fun, lots of cool stuff to do here ^^ So anyway, great layout of Seto! Anyhow keep up the great work! And bai~!
157 February 20, 2005 for Silentshipping
Clever title! I didn't notice the S.K. initial thing until I read through the part explaining that. Love the idea! Very nice and original. And I'm so glad to have finally found such a nice SxS site! I've been looking forever! Although, admittedly, I'm a bit lazy, so I wasn't trying THAT hard. Anyways, I would just like you to know how much I (and many others, I'm sure) appreciate all the hardwork and effort you put into making this site absolutely splendid!
silver starr
156 February 19, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Cool site! I spent hours here ^_^
155 February 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Whaddaya mean Otogi never appears in the manga? He does! Right after Duelist Kingdom. I'm glad you updated your character profiles, but I really liked that in the old ones, you specifically pointed out whom each character was crushing on.
Traits: blahblahblah
Secretly: Cares a lot for ____.'s still a good site, but I wanna see those shrines back! They were so funny!
154 February 2, 2005 for
Hi Annie! XD Wow you have improved a LOT in your layouts since the last time I visit your domain. XDDD
153 February 3, 2005 for Silentshipping
I love this Shizuka/Seto thing it's my favorite pairing.
Dark Magician Girl
152 February 2, 2005 for
Heya anne! I love your layout ^^;; Anyways thankies for hosting my Paresu fanlisting! ^.^ Keep up the great work!
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