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162 March 8, 2005 for Silentshipping
i dont get how setoxshizuka could work. to me its ridiculous since shes
1) the 'mutts' sis
2) a gurly girl
3) if he thinks EVERYONE is annoying so (in my opinion) serenity is the LAST person hed love
4) shes WAY too dependable always goin 'Big Brother' and blah. hes the independent jerk (a hot one at that)
to me hed need someone that could stand up to him like isis or anzu. if seto or seren got into a fight, i could imagine her curled in a ball sobbin
anyway this is a GREAT site one of the best. tanks for readin if you read...............
161 March 7, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Your website rules,totally! It's the best one besides The layout is excellent, .. Seto .. *Drool,drool* XD. Rock on!
160 March 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Nice site, nice layout.
159 March 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
OHHHHHHHH! This website is soooooooo cute! I can tell that u support Yami and Tea a lot! Just like ME! Anywayz, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You should put a little gallery consisting of YAMI/TEA PICS!!!!! THEY ROCK!
158 February 28, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
hiya Annie! I love your Yugioh fansite! It's really fun, lots of cool stuff to do here ^^ So anyway, great layout of Seto! Anyhow keep up the great work! And bai~!
157 February 20, 2005 for Silentshipping
Clever title! I didn't notice the S.K. initial thing until I read through the part explaining that. Love the idea! Very nice and original. And I'm so glad to have finally found such a nice SxS site! I've been looking forever! Although, admittedly, I'm a bit lazy, so I wasn't trying THAT hard. Anyways, I would just like you to know how much I (and many others, I'm sure) appreciate all the hardwork and effort you put into making this site absolutely splendid!
silver starr
156 February 19, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Cool site! I spent hours here ^_^
155 February 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Whaddaya mean Otogi never appears in the manga? He does! Right after Duelist Kingdom. I'm glad you updated your character profiles, but I really liked that in the old ones, you specifically pointed out whom each character was crushing on.
Traits: blahblahblah
Secretly: Cares a lot for ____.'s still a good site, but I wanna see those shrines back! They were so funny!
154 February 2, 2005 for
Hi Annie! XD Wow you have improved a LOT in your layouts since the last time I visit your domain. XDDD
153 February 3, 2005 for Silentshipping
I love this Shizuka/Seto thing it's my favorite pairing.
Dark Magician Girl
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