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152 February 2, 2005 for
Heya anne! I love your layout ^^;; Anyways thankies for hosting my Paresu fanlisting! ^.^ Keep up the great work!
151 January 28, 2005 for
Ohh it's so sexy Annie! I love it! Damn I wish I was as good as you. <3 And I love the guestbook layout as well!
150 January 27, 2005 for
OMFG Annikins! It's soo beautiful, I love it. You really are talented. :D
149 January 17, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Hey~ thsi site is great!
And your Reasons for the couples... *smirk*
Genious!! XD
But I missed the Couple "Seto x Yugi"!!
I think, Seto would find little Yugi very cute~ and Yugi always looks u to him and tries to understand this strange bishonen! He calls him a friend, doesn't he? And as you already said to the couple Yugi x Jonouchi, friends can even become more!! XD
All in all I love both as a couple, too~!!
But Atemu/Yami x Yugi stays my absolute favourite one!! Or Atemu x Seth / Yami x Seto *_________* *totally beloved*
Awwwww~ I'm crazy for them!! XD
Ar~!! And what about Noa x Mokuba?! Kay, they're like brothers but... sometimes it seems for me, as if Noa has learned to "love" the little guy an... the look soooo~ cute together!!!
...or Seto x Noa? They hate each other but... opposites can bring together... xD
Ah! And Noa x Jou!! Sure~ Jonouchi alsways says he doesn't like the little kid and is really annoyed by Noas stupid game, but~ I think, both can learn to love each other...

greetz to ya~
148 January 14, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
I LOVE YOUR SITE! Congrats on the 20,000 hits. I think you deserve more!
147 December 27, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
this site rocks congrats on 20,000 hits
146 December 25, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Man...I love your site...wish I had 20,000 hits...I just got 100're lucky to have a lot of HTML experience...I wish I did...say...when's the voting gonna start for the best couple of 2005...ok...I guess in to you and tons of viewers out there: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! also, please see my site^^ lol
145 December 13, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
This is bijoukaiba from WAAAAAAAAY long ago (the Honda/Anzu person). It's been... i dunno, maybe one month since I last visited? N E wayz, this website is just so awesome. I love Seto Kaiba, I'm a Seto/Shizuka fan (but not yet part of a fanlisting...) and I LOVE the idea of two Setos together (quote the statement about stoicshipping).

Just one question... whatever happened to the arc information? And just to make a suggestion (since I looked and couldn't find one), I think your website would be PERFECT if there was something like a download section with music and soundclips. Ever hear Kaiba's Japanese voice? Although Hikaru Midorikawa's probably his best voice, Kenjirou Tsuda's voice is also very sexy. ^.^ But I ramble! I enjoy this site very much and I have it listed as a Favorite. Bye!


PS: I intend to finally try for my first website by August of next year (I'm going on a BIG trip to Japan and I'll probably have lotsa Yugioh stuff to put on the web for everyone's pleasure by then. =D)
144 December 12, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
I really like your website! But do you think you can update your fanfic? You know, put in more HUMOR, that "My Immortal" fanfic still leaves me crying, put in more humor, please, but anyways, I really like your web!! Please update more often!!! Thank you!
143 December 6, 2004 for Strawberry Fantasy
Congratulations on the 20,000 hits! I'm so envious right now, but you deserve it with all your hard work! You go girl!
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