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171 August 19, 2005 for Lovely♥Romance Network
^__^ Once again, Nero would like to say thank you very, very much for the CSS help! *___* and I love the new Revolutionshipping layout! Once again! ^___^ thank you thank youuuu!
170 August 10, 2005 for Fanlisting
I just love your fanlistings and your guestbook ^__^
169 August 8, 2005 for
Annie... I love you... Make Kaoru bear my children. That ends my freak-ass spam. XD
168 July 21, 2005 for
Oh wow Annie, the layout is lovely. I love the colours. The black and grey colours go lovely. I love your guestbook layout as well. Yay for new guestbooks, lol.
167 June 16, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Great site! That's really generic, but I don't care, it is a great site.
166 April 23, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
I think this site is awesome! I love it! Keep going and please don't stop updating!!
Ruby Devil
165 April 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Heyyyyy there affie! *hugs* Just checking by to see how things are going. I also have a question: do you just want links to fanwork or actually host the fanwork yourself? If all you need is links, I could give you some links to my stuff online (curiously, I don't host my own stuff on my website, XD). Anything to help an affie! Let me know if I can help.
164 March 26, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
This is a great site and I was amazed at all the "shippings". +Dizzy eyes+ So many.. Anyways, great site, I really enjoy it when I come here, great work. Sadly, I can't seem to find any pairings in the Egyptian Arc. about SethxMahaado.. What? It could happen.. +Shifty Eyes+
163 March 11, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Luv the layout and contents! Keep GRE-At work up
162 March 8, 2005 for Silentshipping
i dont get how setoxshizuka could work. to me its ridiculous since shes
1) the 'mutts' sis
2) a gurly girl
3) if he thinks EVERYONE is annoying so (in my opinion) serenity is the LAST person hed love
4) shes WAY too dependable always goin 'Big Brother' and blah. hes the independent jerk (a hot one at that)
to me hed need someone that could stand up to him like isis or anzu. if seto or seren got into a fight, i could imagine her curled in a ball sobbin
anyway this is a GREAT site one of the best. tanks for readin if you read...............
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