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172 August 20, 2005 for Fanlisting
Good job Annie! i love all of your fanlistings lol, i try to keep up with them all but suddenly i lost lol. Anyways love your guestbook!
171 August 19, 2005 for Lovely♥Romance Network
^__^ Once again, Nero would like to say thank you very, very much for the CSS help! *___* and I love the new Revolutionshipping layout! Once again! ^___^ thank you thank youuuu!
170 August 10, 2005 for Fanlisting
I just love your fanlistings and your guestbook ^__^
169 August 8, 2005 for
Annie... I love you... Make Kaoru bear my children. That ends my freak-ass spam. XD
168 July 21, 2005 for
Oh wow Annie, the layout is lovely. I love the colours. The black and grey colours go lovely. I love your guestbook layout as well. Yay for new guestbooks, lol.
167 June 16, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Great site! That's really generic, but I don't care, it is a great site.
166 April 23, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
I think this site is awesome! I love it! Keep going and please don't stop updating!!
Ruby Devil
165 April 6, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Heyyyyy there affie! *hugs* Just checking by to see how things are going. I also have a question: do you just want links to fanwork or actually host the fanwork yourself? If all you need is links, I could give you some links to my stuff online (curiously, I don't host my own stuff on my website, XD). Anything to help an affie! Let me know if I can help.
164 March 26, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
This is a great site and I was amazed at all the "shippings". +Dizzy eyes+ So many.. Anyways, great site, I really enjoy it when I come here, great work. Sadly, I can't seem to find any pairings in the Egyptian Arc. about SethxMahaado.. What? It could happen.. +Shifty Eyes+
163 March 11, 2005 for Strawberry Fantasy
Luv the layout and contents! Keep GRE-At work up
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