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212 May 10, 2006 for
Ahh, this is very, very nice. You probably weren't aware of this, but sometime in 2000-2001, this domain did indeed exist, for a few years. (You can check for how it used to look like). I was the one who originally bought it back then. Went by a lot of names.. Doremi, Mariru.. my goodness. Passed it on to Kento, who I suppose has let it go.. until you came along and bought it! :D I'm very pleased to see such beauty and talent gracing my once beloved domain. Hold tight to this domain! Excellent work. ^^
211 April 8, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
I don't know if I have signed for this yet, but i love the work you've done on your sites! awesome!
210 April 6, 2006 for Silentshipping
i luv ure site good thing u made it coz im a real fan of kaiba and serenity so keep it up!!
209 April 4, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
I love your sites! Congratulations. I hope to being like you someday I would like to affiliate you, but since I don't have a english ver. of my site, I'll ask you for a link later ^^ Keep up the good work!
208 February 26, 2006 for Strawberry Fantasy
heya Annie!! Well its been a while...*sigh* just reminiscing the ol' days of SF...i LOVED the first layout..and thats pretty much how our corresponding days got started...but now i love all the layouts...especially the fourth one... its so sad that you had to close it...those two years online were really something, though...but now you have your domains and well, yeah..i hope everything works out for you!
PS. It was great to see SF again
207 February 24, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
oooo annie my friends crazy over naruto...she about dies when she sees sasuke...supposedly he's "hot". but your site is really cool and u must be an expert to cope with 3 domains...or it it 4? Ana
206 February 19, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Wonderful sites ! I love it !
205 February 8, 2006 for
Hey, I just realized I haven't spammed you about the new domain!!! Sooo ... SPAM SPAM SPAM!!! Anyway, love the new domain!!!
204 February 7, 2006 for Strawberry Fantasy
I wish I did have a website. I love your website. I wish you didn't have to shut it down. Oh well, it happens. I really do like the couple: Yami and Anzu. ^_^ even though, Yamis my brother. (Note: Rp!!!!!!!) like I said, I love your site.
203 February 6, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
I love your sites.. anyway just dropping :D
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