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232 November 15, 2006 for Fanlisting
hy.i like you site very muchi too love the inuyasha ending "every heart" really cool site.congratulations
231 November 15, 2006 for Fanlisting
Uwa~ I think you should have gone with 0409 as Pi's fanlisting name, but LoveXXXX is lovely too, though less significant in a way to Pi? Idk. XDDDD;;;
230 October 8, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
I simply am at awe with all of your work. It's a pleasure to see all the new ways you design and grow. I am lovin' the overall look of your guestbook by the way.
229 October 7, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Great site you have there. I came here via your adoption post at I am especially thankful that you are the one making the Tomohisa Yamashita fanlisting and not me. Thank goodness. XD My graphic skills aren't nearly up to par to yours. =) Keep up the great work. Your designing and FL-managing skills are great. :)
228 October 1, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
Nice homepage you get there. Keep up the goodwork and don't forget to update it ok
227 August 21, 2006 for
Wow Sakura and Sasuke, cool! Nice layout
sakura kishimoto
226 August 16, 2006 for
i your site :D its superDEEduper H O T :) & sasuke + sakura . i like your choice ;D
225 August 10, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
give me sasuke uchiha please because it isn't fair really. like u probably don't even care what i'm wrighting here. i just can't stand people taking my guybut u got him first i think but still in your heart please give him to me please
224 August 7, 2006 for Lovely♥Romance Network
i your site ^.^
223 August 4, 2006 for Fanlisting
Hi! I joined your Sesshoumaru fanlisting. Can I also donate an Icon for your site? -Aya
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