Once a year, I like to go through each fanlisting to update coding and minor content, but the last major one I did was at the beginning of 2012~ :X Yikes, so here we go! 11 down, 35 to go~

Merupuri: Aram & Airi:
– Pretty new code page.

Recently plugged my Anime fanlisting over at the TAFL boards, and gained a bunch of new affiliates all around at my collective and fanlistings, the bulk of it to my 6 anime series :D

– Added new affiliates.
– Tweaked the Enth script so that the member’s name links to their website on the members list, in order to get rid of a column. I wanted to use the extra space to display the two favorite fields better :3

Inuyasha Music:
– Switched affiliates over to another script.
– Affiliate check.
– Added new affiliates.

Affiliation check:
– Made a long overdue affiliate check at 27 TAFL fanlistings X_X

Duo Maxwell:
– I adopted the fanlisting for the sexy pilot from the anime/manga series, Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing
Design: I had my heart set on a black design, with lots of stars! :3 Originally, I wanted something a little more angsty, but what can I say~ that warm smile of his changed my plans ★
Buttons: Made 65 buttons.