Finally finished tidying up the coding for the last 13/46 fanlistings. Oh boy, I see that I’ve got a lot of work to do~ some sites desperately need new layouts and others need to be updated, content-wise. One step at a time~

Goto Maki:
– Recode the entire site.
– Pretty new code page.

– Recode the entire site.
– Pretty new code page.

Morning Musume:
– Update the site to reflect Sayumi’s recent graduation and the incoming 12th generation members.
– Update the discography.
– Pretty new code page.

Yamashita Tomohisa:
– Update the filmography.

Added a Sibling Sites section for the following sites:
Final Fantasy-related fanlistings
Morning Musume-related fanlistings

Kamenashi Kazuya:
Discography: Launched the new discography page ★ Luckily, most of the work was already done because I have related fanlistings X3
KAT-TUN‘s discography was borrowed from the Akanishi fanlisting. I updated it with 6 recent singles (from Going! to BIRTH) and 1 album (NO MORE PAIN).
– The Shuuji to Akira discography was borrowed from the Yamapi fanlisting.

Kamenashi Kazuya:
I am still in fangirl heaven about this~ I was chosen to adopt the fanlisting for Kame, one of my dream boys! ♥
Design: The layout is cute and fun, and features a colorful notebook theme. I love how adorable he is here!
Buttons: Made 78 buttons.