Version Prologue ~Fighting Fate~

Version Epilogue ~Reminiscence~

FFXIII: Hope & Lightning:
When Hope matured into a handsome young man in FFXIII-2, I immediately approved of the pairing of Hope & Lightning
Design: I made two layouts to show them at different stages of their lives. The theme for the first layout is the calm before the storm and features young!Hope and Lightning as partners in battle. The second layout has a dreamy design and features adult!Hope and Lightning as partners in life ♥
Buttons: Made 70 buttons.

FFXIII: Hope Estheim:
Buttons: Added 35 new buttons.

FFXIII: Lightning:
Buttons: Added 40 new buttons.

Final Fantasy XIII: Hope Estheim:
It took me a while to warm up to Hope, and even then I only thought of him as an adorable little kid. It wasn’t until he aged into a handsome and intelligent young man in FFXIII-2 that I fell completely in love with him ♥
Design: Of course the layout had to feature older!Hope X3 I wanted a design that would live up to his image as the symbol of hope so I made it bright and peaceful ♪
Buttons: Made 87 buttons.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning:
Buttons: Added 16 new buttons.

Version Remake: EX-SOLDIER

Cloud Strife fanlisting

Version Advent Children: Those Who Fight Further

Cloud Strife fanlisting

FFVII: Cloud Strife:
I am still floating over the recent approval for Cloud Strife from the FFVII compilation ♥ He is one of the greatest characters in video game history and he can be my bodyguard anytime X333
Design: There are two layouts! The first is based on the upcoming remake, and the second is based on the movie sequel, Advent Children. Both are dark but cool, for the boy who overcame his dark past to become a great hero ☆
Buttons: Made 119 buttons.

FFVII: Vincent Valentine:
Buttons: Made 35 shiny new buttons.

FFXIII: Lightning:
Buttons: Made 22 shiny new buttons.

FFXIII: Lightning:
Buttons: In celebration of the recent release of the third FFXIII game, Lightning Returns, I made 35 shiny new buttons for the fanlisting~ ♪

The fanlisting to my new favorite kickass heroine from the Final Fantasy XIII game is finally online ♥
Design: I was torn between making it a pink layout or not~ while she is a fierce warrior and deserves a super cool layout, I wanted to show that she is a gorgeous and sexy woman as well, so pink it was!
Buttons: Made 51 buttons.