Version 4: School Days

Kiniro no Corda fanlisting

Version 5: Harmonia

Kiniro no Corda fanlisting

Kiniro no Corda:
Design: Added two new skins because I couldn’t decide which image I loved more XD School Days features a warm and fluffy design, and Harmonia features a colorful and playful design inspired by music. I was finally able to feature all ten boys on a layout, yay! ♪
– Removed the old Perfect Ensemble skin.

Version Midgar: Homecoming

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife fanlisting

Version Advent Children: Those Who Fight Further

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife fanlisting

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife:
Design: In celebration of the recent Remake release, I added a new skin featuring Cloud’s return to Midgar ♥ I wanted to pay homage to the original and chose the iconic image of Cloud preparing to face off against Shinra.
– Removed the previous Remake skin.
Design: I made some minor design changes to the Advent Children skin, mainly changing the theme colors from green/yellow to blue/gray.
Buttons: Made 27 shiny new buttons.
For the domain’s 15th anniversary, I wanted a dreamy and romantic theme and chose to feature my favorite angsty love triangle: Kaname, Yuuki, and Zero from the anime series Vampire Knight ♥ The network name Lovely♥Romance Network was inspired from a Hino Matsuri work, and it was about time I featured one of her series on this domain ♪

Content: Updated and rewrote each page of my domain
Network: Revamped and reorganized my Fansites page

Full Metal Panic:
Buttons: Made 12 shiny new buttons.

Merupuri: Aram/Airi:
Buttons: Made 11 shiny new buttons.

Naruto: Sasuke/Sakura:
Buttons: Made 27 shiny new buttons.

Yuugiou: Atemu/Anzu:
Buttons: Made 22 shiny new buttons.

I closed the following fanlisting:

Akanishi Jin (Actor/Musician)

Thank you to all the fans that supported this fanlisting for 11 years~ :D

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