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Cloud Strife fanlisting

Version Advent Children: Those Who Fight Further

Cloud Strife fanlisting

FFVII: Cloud Strife:
I am still floating over the recent approval for Cloud Strife from the FFVII compilation ♥ He is one of the greatest characters in video game history and he can be my bodyguard anytime X333
Design: There are two layouts! The first is based on the upcoming remake, and the second is based on the movie sequel, Advent Children. Both are dark but cool, for the boy who overcame his dark past to become a great hero ☆
Buttons: Made 119 buttons.

FFVII: Vincent Valentine:
Buttons: Made 35 shiny new buttons.

FFXIII: Lightning:
Buttons: Made 22 shiny new buttons.

FFXIII: Lightning:
Buttons: In celebration of the recent release of the third FFXIII game, Lightning Returns, I made 35 shiny new buttons for the fanlisting~ ♪

Buttons: Make 235 shiny new buttons for the fanlisting~ the most I ever made for a single fanlisting! ♪
I am proud to present my shiny new domain,, named after the fierce goddess from Final Fantasy XIII ♥ I’m hoping to get the domain up by spring, and it will serve as my new main domain, to replace
Favicon: I customized the crystal rose originally made for the fanlisting :3
Buttons: Made 8 new 88×31 link back buttons.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been slowly moving in the network pages with Final Fantasy-themed revamps ♪

Contact: Features my game OTP, the beautiful Squall & Rinoa from FFVIII, in a soft and romantic theme ♥

Guestbook: Features my current love, the handsome and mature Hope from FFXIII-2, in a dreamy theme ♥

404 Page: And in case you ever get lost, the dangerously sexy Noctis from FFXIII Versus will lead you on to the right path ♥

Overture: Decided to keep the current Corda design.

Linkage: Decided to keep the current Air design.
Network: Move out the network pages and convert back to being a dedicated anime collective ♥
Buttons: Made 8 new 88×31 link back buttons.
Favicon: It is now a cute pink heart to match the domain name :3


Kaito & Lucia:
Content: Rewrote the introduction.
Content: Pretty new code page.
Design: Revamp the stylesheet.
Buttons: Made 33 shiny new buttons.
Affiliates: Affiliate check.

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