Yuugiou: Pharaoh Atemu/Yami no Yuugi & Anzu Mazaki:
Design: Version 6 Dueling Hearts features a whimsical and dreamy design. I wanted something that was both beautiful and wistful for this pairing ♥ I reused the image of Atemu from his revamp because I love this particular image of him… and because that Atemu layout was actually meant for this relationship XD; But I thought the layout suited Atemu better so I gave it to him and had to create another layout for this relationship XD;
Content: Cleaned up the text.

Finished tidying up the coding for the last 20 TAFL listings. Next up is the TFL listings~

– Updated introduction to reflect the news of the recent end of the series.

Vampire Knight:
– Pretty new code page.

Added a Sibling Sites section for the following sites:
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch-related fanlistings
Naruto-related fanlistings
Shingeki no Kyojin-related fanlistings
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-related fanlistings
Yuugiou-related fanlistings

Recently plugged my Anime fanlisting over at the TAFL boards, and gained a bunch of new affiliates all around at my collective and fanlistings, the bulk of it to my 6 anime series :D

– Added new affiliates.
– Tweaked the Enth script so that the member’s name links to their website on the members list, in order to get rid of a column. I wanted to use the extra space to display the two favorite fields better :3

Inuyasha Music:
– Switched affiliates over to another script.
– Affiliate check.
– Added new affiliates.

Affiliation check:
– Made a long overdue affiliate check at 27 TAFL fanlistings X_X

I finally made 75×50 buttons for my older anime/manga fanlistings so that I could make a pretty network page at Ichigo.nu

Crayon Shinchan:
– 50×50 (9), 75×50 (5), 100×50 (2)

– 75×50 (4)

Full Metal Panic!:
– 75×50 (15)

– 75×50 (10)

KareKano: Arima & Miyazawa:
– 75×50 (3)

Yuugiou: Atemu & Anzu:
– 75×50 (7)

Yuugiou: Seto & Shizuka:
– 50×50 (3), 75×50 (3), 100×50 (3)

Yuugiou: Atemu & Anzu:
– Recode the entire site.
– Update the stylesheet.
– Rewrote the introduction.
– Fix up content.
– Pretty new code page.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou:
– Recode the entire site.
– Update the stylesheet.
– Rewrote the introduction.
– Pretty new code page.

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